Alberni company strikes deal to turn wood waste supply into value-added products – Vancouver Island Free Daily

San Group announced a new partnership to transform wood waste into value-added wood projects.

The San Group, which operates sawmills and refurbishment plants in Port Alberni and on the mainland, announced on January 26, 2022 that it had entered into a strategic timber supply agreement with Smithers-based Seaton Forest Products.

The agreement allows the San Group to process Seaton’s wood waste into market-grade wood products.

Seaton uses a specialized process of making scrap wood, using dry, underutilized logs that would otherwise have been left in the forest. Scrap wood logs are turned into cants instead. The San Group takes these cants and transforms them into value-added wood products, such as tables, moldings, chairs and door frames.

Log supply is a growing concern for many forestry companies. Western Forest Products, for example, recently announced a possible curtailment of its Chemainus sawmill due to log supply issues.

But Kamal Sanghera, CEO of the San Group, says the supply is plentiful. The company has invested in BC’s value-added wood products industry over the past few years, which preserves the environment and creates jobs, Sanghera said.

“There’s enough supply there, there’s enough natural resources there,” he said in an announcement at the Port Alberni San Group office on Jan. 22. “Right now, we have to use them intelligently. We need to process more in British Columbia.

The San group continues to grow, he said. The company is adding a second shift at its sawmill, and all of its Port Alberni mills are “booming,” Sanghera said.

Andy Thompson, director of Seaton Forest Products, said in a press release that the San Group is “breaking the mould” with its value-added wood products.

“Seaton also prides itself on its philosophy of jobs per yard, not yards per job,” he said.

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