Campaign seeks to attract new talent to the wood products industry – Construction products



The Wood Industry Resource Collaborative has launched a new industry-wide career awareness campaign, “You Wood,” to communicate career paths in the wood industry and attract new talent.

The campaign includes a website with information on professional resources including profiles of high demand positions, career questionnaires, links to educational resources such as schools and scholarships, industry information and a calendar of events. The site will be continually updated and features will be added including professional industry projectors, additional career path information and personalized video content.

The program was developed by several industry trade associations led by AWFS, Woodworking Machinery Industry Association, and Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America, in partnership with Industrial Strength Marketing, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

“This campaign is the culmination of over three years of communication, research and hard work,” said Fred Stringfellow, CEO of WMMA. “Companies in the sector are still struggling to find skilled workers as they grow to meet demand. We are excited to launch this campaign as a way to increase awareness; and expand the pool of candidates for our future workforce.

It is aimed at two audiences: high school students and those in their mid-twenties to late thirties looking to change careers, including military veterans. A recent of these audiences found that over 70% of all respondents had no knowledge of careers in the lumber industry; however, 23% would consider a career in the industry.


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