Cisco Home tops wood furniture dashboard for sustainability

HIGH POINT, NC – Cisco Home, a manufacturer and retailer of residential furniture, is ranked # 1 in the 2021 Wood Furniture Scoreboard published by the Sustainable Furnishing Council (SFC) and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

Cisco Home scored 30 out of 32 possible points in the fourth annual sustainability assessment program created by SFC and NWF. On his websiteThe Pasadena, Calif.-Based furniture company boasts, “Everything that goes into our furniture is as good as it is for the environment.

Cisco Home is one of the 17 “Top Scorers” made up of companies accumulating 20 or more points. Besides Cisco, the top five companies on the 2021 Wood Furniture Scoreboard include Williams-Sonoma, 28 points; The arrangement, 26 points; Wonders of work, 26 points; and Ikea, 25 points.

The SFC and NWF developed the Wood Furniture Scorecard “to encourage furniture retailers, the industry’s biggest influencers, to implement strong policies that promote responsible wood sourcing practices throughout their lives. complex supply chains ”. Further, both groups state, “The goals of the scorecard are to share best practices, support progress and recognize leadership.

Nearly 120 North American furniture retailers have been rated this year for a variety of issues, including “responsible wood sourcing policy” and “responsible sourcing practices and performance”.

To see the Scoreboard 2021 for wooden furniture.

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