Company expands horizons with acquisition of Irish timber supply company


An Astley-based medium density fibreboard manufacturer has taken over an Ireland-based sourcing company.

The W Howard Group acquired Balcas Kildare Ltd, one of Ireland’s largest timber suppliers, which will lead to the formation of W Howard Kildare.

The group believes the takeover will significantly improve the company’s business offering by reducing lead times and increasing production capacity at its three locations and expand the company’s reach to the UK, Ireland and Europe.

The company, which now has 160 employees, has a site in Newtown in Powys (Polyco Ltd), as well as a depot dedicated to collection and distribution bin West Thurrock.

Graham Williams, Managing Director of W Howard Group, said: “This agreement will first and foremost provide confidence in the continuity of supply to our customers, which will be achieved by manufacturing at our three separate sites with a supply of MDF and in chipboard from four main suppliers. .

“One of our main goals is to ensure that our customers never again feel the pain of limited supply due to serious issues within our group or with suppliers.

“This acquisition provides the platform to achieve this goal.

“Balcas Kildare’s workforce is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the manufacture and supply of MDF profiles, with the added benefit of being able to supply the KOTA product. ”

The KOTA product is a patented molding system which is unique to the Irish factory and supplies major retailer B&Q.

Mr. Williams added, “The acquisition has a positive impact on the future of the business, particularly in the Astley area, as it strengthens W Howard’s ability to expand its offering and continue to be an active employer of the local population.

“We look forward to delivering a business offering encompassing a radically expanded product line with reduced and streamlined delivery times that new and existing customers will find it hard to resist. ”

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