Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products’ new manufacturing plant nears completion

Having experienced significant growth in demand for its ResinDek flooring panels and shelving over the past two years, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products and its parent company, Universal Woods, have invested in the construction of a new manufacturing facility. of $ 15 million. Located in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, the plant will allow Cornerstone to increase production to more than double its current capacity.

“Our business has grown dramatically over the past two years, for which we are extremely grateful,” said Greg Doppler, inventor of ResinDek flooring panel and president of Cornerstone. “As a result of this tremendous growth, we are approaching the upper limits of our current production capacity. This investment will ensure that we are able to quickly deliver ResinDek products to our valued customers in the future.

“The footprint of the new plant is more than double the current footprint, allowing us to move more inventory and produce products faster. This, combined with a design that incorporates many more dock doors for shipping and receiving, will allow us to reduce lead times, ”added Scott McGill, Cornerstone Sales Manager.

“The new operation will also be equipped with the latest state-of-the-art electron beam coating and curing equipment that we have always used to produce the protective coatings and finishes for our ResinDek, only at much higher flow rates and volumes. than before. Doppler explained. “It will also allow us to achieve an even higher quality than the high standards that our current line of coating and curing currently achieves. ”

“The new equipment will not only increase quality and production, but also provide a wider range of opportunities as part of our new product development program. This will allow us to continue to deliver a fantastic value proposition to our clients, ”added McGill.

The new facility, located at 264 Eiler Avenue in Louisville, near UPS Worldport and Louisville International Airport, will be staffed with the same production team as the existing operation. Prior to its construction, Cornerstone added additional employees in 2021 in anticipation of increased production capacity. “Starting them up before the new plant is built allows them to familiarize themselves with the production process of ResinDek before the new facility goes live,” said Doppler.

The equipment is expected to be installed and commissioned throughout January 2022, with partial production starting shortly thereafter. The installation of the new coating and hardening machines is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022.

“We expect to be fully operational in the third quarter of 2022 and look forward to celebrating Cornerstone’s new capabilities with a groundbreaking ceremony at that time,” Doppler concluded.

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