Crown timber supply could be ‘sustainably increased’, says JD Irving, Limited


New measures announced for New Brunswick’s forestry sector receive mixed reviews from JD Irving, Limited.

Thursday, the province said he would set a timber target for private woodlots help boost the private sector. Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland also announced a five-year freeze on Crown timber supplies.

JD Irving, Limited, said it fully supports efforts to “increase efficiency and accountability in the province’s private timber market”.

But Jason Limongelli, vice president of Irving Woodlands, said they want the province to reconsider the crown timber supply freeze.

“After nearly 40 years of tree planting and over $ 450 million in silvicultural investments on Crown land, New Brunswick’s Crown timber supply could be increased on a sustainable basis,” said Limongelli in a statement Thursday.

Limongelli said New Brunswick is uniquely positioned to meet the global demand for products made from wood, which is expected to increase by 30 percent per year.

“We believe New Brunswick will have opportunities to grow the provincial economy over the next five years,” he said.

“The wood is good and New Brunswick should celebrate all that our various forests have to offer.

Holland said Thursday that he believes the Crown timber supply freeze will be a good thing in the long term.

“What happens to a tree if you leave it alone in the woods?” It grows. This will be something that will help increase our wood supply in the future, ”he said.

JD Irving, Limited currently buys from over 500 private woodlot owners and producers in New Brunswick.

Brad Perry is the News Director of CHSJ / Country 94, a Huddle Content Partner.

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