Cumberland Wood Products and Prince Albert Pulp sign letter of understanding


Cumberland Wood Products and Prince Albert Pulp recently signed a letter of understanding. The paper discusses the approaches that all parties will take to establish a collaborative relationship with each other in Saskatchewan.

“Cumberland House Cree Nation is pleased to recognize the working relationship with Prince Albert Pulp and Cumberland Wood Products and their efforts to support the reopening of the plant in Prince Albert,” said Chief Rene Chaboyer of the Cree Nation of Cumberland House, “We welcome our partnership in supporting fiber sourcing and operations that lead to our mutual benefit; guided by an ecosystem management plan for the Saskatchewan River Delta and the sustainable use of its resources.

“This is a key step in establishing our relationship with the Cumberland House Cree Nation and we are delighted to be on this path together,” said Carlo Dal Monte, vice president of energy. and business development at Paper Excellence. “We are starting important work with our valued downstream neighbors focused on environmental stewardship and industrial opportunities associated with the restart of the Prince Albert plant. “

Paper Excellence is working on restarting its Prince Albert plant. It recently secured a vital fiber supply allocation from the provincial government. The company also operates another plant in Saskatchewan at Meadow Lake.

“The signing of this Letter of Understanding signals our desire to continue building relationships with Indigenous people in the province,” said Dal Monte.

The signing of the letter aligns with one of the 20 actions for 2030 of Saskatchewan’s growth plan: “Growing Indigenous Participation in the economy through the growth of Saskatchewan’s resources industries and labor market development. “

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