EGGER Wood Products of Lexington Now Offers Virtual Tour


EGGER Wood Products in Lexington is now offering virtual tours of the company’s first production facility in North America to the public and its customers.

The online factory tour provides viewers with a true tour experience, providing insight into production processes including raw particleboard and thermofused laminate lines, learning workshops and more. EGGER, one of the world’s leading suppliers of wood-based materials, opened its $ 500 million manufacturing facility in Lexington in September 2020.

The virtual tour consists of 13 video segments, each focusing on different areas of the installation. Viewers can follow the production process, from the arrival of raw materials and packaging and shipping of final products, to the highly automated systems of the plant. The videos also provide an overview of the company’s 60-year history, an overview of the EGGER Design Center and details of the company’s two- and four-year apprenticeship programs.

The EGGER Wood Products factory in Lexington offers the public virtual tours focusing on different areas of the facility.

“This new resource allows our customers, partners and the local community to see for themselves the extent of EGGER’s investment in a ‘made in USA’ product, as well as the complexities of the wood manufacturing process. Said Carsten Ritterbach. , plant manager for commercial services. “As the world moves towards a hybrid model of customer interaction and business management, being able to deliver this experience virtually will help us reach a wider audience. “

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Construction of the million square foot facility began in April 2018 and production officially began in September 2020. The Lexington plant now employs over 400 workers and 300 additional positions are planned for consecutive phases of development over the next 10 to 15 years.

To view the factory virtual tour, visit To schedule an in-person factory tour, email [email protected]

Founded in 1961 in St. Johann in Tyrol, Austria, the EGGER Group is a private family business of over $ 3.5 billion with more than 10,400 employees.

The freshly cut particle board at the EGGER Wood Products factory cools as it passes through the cooling stations, allowing heat to escape from all sides of the board.  Scenes like this are part of the company's virtual video tours of the Lexington facility.

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