Face Time: Kayte Rackliffe – Making wood products to meet her needs

WILTON – Katye Rackliffe enjoys making custom wood furniture and other items, especially when she finds wood she can reuse.

Kayte Rackliffe, left, and her friend Lynne Buchiet, both from Wilton, took a couple of carpentry classes as part of an adult education program before going into furniture making and other articles for themselves. Submitted photo

It all started with the need for a box to store firewood. She and a friend, Lynne Buchiet, a dressmaker, also from Wilton, have taken a couple of adult carpentry courses at Mt. Blue Campus. From there it led to the construction of furniture and other wooden objects for themselves.

Kayte, 33, cosmetologist and owner of Snipper’s Salon, shares her skills with her son, Landon, 12, and plans to teach her daughter, Liliana, 10, how to work with wood. Landon already has knowledge of how to use the tools. The first project he wants to achieve is a custom-made shelf for his bedroom.

Kayte attended school in Jay until grade six, then went to Regional School Unit 9 in the Farmington area and graduated from Mt. Blue High School in 2006. Her children also attend the district schools.

When Kayte needs a piece of furniture, she goes to the workshop to make it.

Kayte Rackliffe and her friend Lynne Buchiet each used half a piece of wood to make live edge coffee tables. Submitted photo

How did you get interested in woodworking? A friend and I decided to take an adult education class. We both needed firewood crates to put our firewood in.

Do you have a natural ability or is your skill learned? I have always loved to DIY / create things, but I also learned a lot! During the course we learned to use the different saws and had someone to bounce the questions off. We took the course a few times and then branched off on our own after accumulating our own tools.

What is your favorite part in making a piece of furniture or an object? That is customary. You can make the exact size you need. And that it is of great quality!

Do you make the items yourself or do you involve someone else? Alone and sometimes a friend and I make similar pieces. We made a live edge coffee table and we each used half of the same piece of wood. We made butcher block cutting boards. I also made small and large shelves and photo frames.

Is there a particular wood you like to work with? Not particularly. I like when I can reuse the wood. I like to work with pine.

What are your favorite projects? My shelves, my wooden box and my live edge coffee.

What is the most difficult project you have done? A live edge coffee table caused me the most problems. I also made a large pine shelf which was heavy.

Where do you come from with your designs? Usually when I need or want something for the house, I do it. I could search online for different ideas.

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