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In response to growing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, H Contract, a supplier of upholstered seating and storage furniture to the retirement home, retail and higher education markets, released a guide that provides its contractual partners with information on best practices. to properly clean and disinfect its wooden furniture products. The brochure, which can be found on the company’s website website, is based on an independent laboratory study conducted for H Contract which evaluated several cleaning products and their effect when used on wooden surfaces.

According to CDC, the most common mode of transmission of the coronavirus is airborne in close proximity to people. However, laboratory studies have shown that the virus can also be contracted by coming into contact with infected surfaces, especially frequently touched objects in public spaces. The H Contract guide provides recommended cleaning products and easy-to-follow instructions on how to keep wood furniture clean, sanitized, and in good condition based on rigorous laboratory testing.

“Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping the contractual spaces clean has been a priority for our contractual partners. After receiving many questions and concerns from the contract industry, we engaged with an independent lab to perform testing and developed our care and maintenance guide to help answer these questions, along with instructions. simple on how to clean and maintain wood furniture used in contract environments. “said Mark Craven, vice president of sales and merchandising for H Contract.” We’ve also been able to cut back on a few common cleaners that help kill germs without degrading wood surfaces. “

“This is especially important in communities of the elderly, where preventing the spread of infection is essential. Our goal in developing this guide is to help our partners protect their residents, while protecting their investment in furniture, ”added Craven.

The guide also details how to determine frequently touched surfaces and the difference between cleaning and sanitizing. To properly clean wooden furniture, it is important to clean the items first and then disinfect them to effectively kill more germs on the rooms. The guide also provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly use these cleaners in tandem with other cleaning accessories for optimal results.

About the H contract: Founded in 2013, H Contract, a division of Hooker Furniture Corp., based in Martinsville, Va. (NASDAQ: HOFT), provides the largest assortment of upholstered seating and storage furniture for the senior living market. With deep roots in the furniture industry, H Contract is the expert-based senior furniture brand that delivers unpretentious luxury and creates a rewarding environment for the cultured baby boomer. With a sophisticated brand image and trendy designs, H Contract designs residential style products, while meeting the needs of the contract industry. For more information visit hcontractmeubles.com.

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