How to paint any type of wooden furniture

There are thousands of tree species around the world. However, when it comes to furniture, there are three basic types of wood: hardwood, softwood, and manufactured wood. They’re important to understand whether you’re painting or building, according to Bassett Furniture. The first two are natural raw materials, and manufactured wood is usually a combination or blend of natural wood and filler.

The first step to painting wood furniture is to understand the type of wood you are working with. Common hardwoods go back to the idea of ​​deciduous trees, which are tree species that display fall colors, shed their leaves in cold weather, and sprout new growth when the weather turns again (via Treehugger) . Various oak, maple, hickory, birch, beech and cherry trees are the best known hardwoods. These trees are easy to identify and commonly known in North America. Hardwoods tend to grow slowly and are considered higher quality because they are dense and strong, which is ideal for durable furniture and construction.

Most softwoods come from conifers which grow faster, are less dense, and produce cones (via American Conifer Society). Spruce, fir, cypress, redwoods and, of course, pines are the best known softwoods available.

Manufactured woods are generally much cheaper than natural wood, but they are less strong and prone to splitting, swelling, cracking, etc. Most manufactured wood is made from a mixture of real wood chips or slices of real wood, then compressed with glues and sawdust (via Woodworkly). Particleboard or particleboard, plywood, laminate, and veneer are the most common manufactured woods that tend to make up many lightweight, home-assembled, inexpensive pieces of furniture.

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