No Waste: a wiser and more sustainable construction with wood products

The construction sector globally continues to consume around a third of the planet’s already limited resources. Building with wood products like Kerto® LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) enables the vital change towards sustainable building.

“Our planet cannot keep up with our consumption. We are using materials faster than Earth can produce new ones. We generate more waste than the Earth can absorb ”, Matti Kuittinen, architect and researcher of the University of Aalto, underlines.

In the building materials sector, the production of steel and aluminum alone requires about 51% and the production of concrete 17% of the energy required to produce all building materials in the world.

“We need an immediate change in unsustainable consumption patterns. Increasing the use of sustainably sourced wood in construction is an essential step in the right direction. As a co-benefit, non-renewable raw materials such as steel and cement can be saved or used for higher added value purposes ”, explains the architect Kristoffer Tejlgaard by Atelier Kristoffer Tejlgaard.

Building with wood is a good material

With the greater strength, wood is so light that buildings can be constructed with less solid foundations, requiring fewer piles, construction materials, and less time. Replacing other structural materials with wood could significantly improve the material efficiency of a building. According to recent studies, timber frame construction is the most material efficient alternative, followed by light gauge steel framing.3.

“When the frame is light, co-benefits are obtained throughout the production and construction chain: the emissions created by manufacturing and transport are lower and less energy is required to lift the components onto the frame. worksite. The lightness also allows for a high degree of prefabrication, as building elements and modules or even entire buildings can be fabricated off-site and transported to their final location. Time, money and the environment are saved, ”says CEO Ruben dahl hansen from Arca Nova Bolig AS.

Fast facts

  • To support current consumption patterns, a carrying capacity of 1.6 planet Earth would be needed.
  • The construction sector consumes around 1/3 of the planet’s resources.
  • The production of steel and aluminum requires about 51% and concrete about 17% of the energy used to produce all building materials in the world.
  • After being used as a wood product in a building, the wood can be recycled into new wood or hybrid products or to produce bioenergy.

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