Nova USA Wood Products Adds South Pacific Redwood to Exotic Hardwood Decking Lineup

Portland, OR, October 15, 2021 — ( — Nova USA Wood Products, Inc., a leading supplier of high-quality hardwood products and accessories, added South Pacific Redwood, also known as Manilkara, to its line of exotic hardwood decking.

Known for its strength, durability and glossy dark brown or reddish brown color tones, Manilkara is ideal for sprucing up outdoor spaces with a deck that will last for decades, even in the most dramatic seasonal and climatic weather conditions.

“Manilkara has the natural physical and mechanical properties to compete with similar products like Ipe, which has become increasingly difficult to obtain in today’s market,” says Nova Products President and CEO Steve Getsiv Inc. “As a result, this extremely durable and beautiful tropical hardwood product is becoming a top option for luxury decking given its 50+ year life expectancy and ability to withstand the rigors of nearly any weather. exterior applications.

Imported from Southeast Asia, Manilkara is an exceptionally heavy and strong hardwood that offers superior resistance to fungal and insect attack and a high density of 900 to 1,150 kg/m3 at 12% moisture content . In addition to being kiln-dried to minimize shrinkage and warping, Nova USA Wood Products South Pacific Redwood stock is Lacey Act approved and comes with a V-Legal Document license issued by the Indonesian Redwood System. export insurance.

Manilkara hardwood products are also backed by Nova USA Wood’s 25-year warranty and are available in 1 x 4, 1 x 6, and 5/4 x 6 S4SEE planks. Custom milling is available to accommodate special pattern and rainscreen facing requests.

For more information on Nova USA Wood Products‘ complete line of high-quality hardwood products and accessories, please visit the company’s website at or call 503-419 -6407.

About Nova USA Wood Products Inc.
Started in 2005, Nova USA Wood Products Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality hardwood products and accessories available at the most competitive prices in today’s market. This includes the company’s real wood solutions, such as its exclusive ExoShield Wood Stain line, ExoDek® QuickClip® hidden fasteners, ExoClad® QuickClip™ rainscreen siding fasteners, and wood decking and siding products. premium tropical hardwood.

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