Nova USA Wood Products Launches New Line of ExoDek® QuickClips®

Portland, OR, April 12, 2022 –(– Nova USA Wood Products, Inc., a leading supplier of high-quality hardwood products and accessories, has launched a new line of fasteners ExoDek® QuickClip® Hidden Clips that are now available at and select distribution centers nationwide. ExoDek Quickclips expand and contract with the natural swelling and shrinking of hardwood and softwood decking as well as PVC and composite boards. The result is a deck that automatically snaps into place, spaces perfectly, and attaches securely to joists, regardless of location, seasonal changes, or environmental conditions.

“Seasonal weather changes typically cause natural hardwood decking to expand and contract across the width of the boards as the moisture content of the air rises and falls,” says Keaton Smith, product manager of decking systems. company wood. “The new ExoDek QuickClips dramatically reduce the possibility of these boards loosening, warping or becoming unevenly spaced by constantly responding to the natural swelling and shrinking of hardwood, PVC or composite material over the course of four seasons. Therefore, we don’t know of any products that work the same while producing similar, long-lasting, and beautiful results. »

Easy to install, ExoDek Quickclips were engineered with fiberglass-reinforced nylon (polyamide 6/6) after years of scientific testing to ensure long-term structural integrity in high-end decking projects. With the ability to attach four or five rows of decking at once and easily accommodate grooved decking boards, Clips can also reduce installation times compared to similar systems. This includes applications using everything from composite and PVC decking to Nova’s line of premium hardwoods like ipe, batu, cumaru and mahogany.

For more information on Nova USA Wood Products‘ ExoDek® QuickClip® Concealed Fastening System, please visit and call 503-419-6407.

About Nova USA Wood Products
Launched in 2005, Nova is dedicated to providing top quality hardwood products and accessories available at the most competitive prices in today’s market. This includes the company’s real wood solutions, such as its exclusive line of ExoShield wood stains, ExoDek® QuickClip® hidden fasteners, ExoClad® QuickClip™ rainscreen siding fasteners, and decking and decking products. premium tropical hardwood siding.

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