Sheesham Wood Furniture – an opulent and timeless solution for modern furniture needs.



Sheesham wood is a premium piece of furniture obtained from trees like Indian rosewood, penny leaf tree, etc. These trees are grown locally in the Himalayan region. One of the most unique characteristics of Sesham wood that makes it the most preferred option is its distinct resemblance. No two pieces of wood are the same. The uniqueness of this wood and its robustness make this wood a suitable material for the manufacture of unparalleled and exquisite furniture.

Hardwood that lasts longer

Sesham wood is classified in the hardwood category because it is derived from dicotyledons. This wood is not only durable and flexible, but has great endurance. Sesham’s wooden furniture is fire resistant and will not split easily.

In addition, SheeshamWood allows the design of intricate carvings and patterns. Saharanpur is renowned for its exceptional artisans and craftsmen. The city is popular for its incredible wooden artwork and intricately detailed furniture. The artisans here use a perfect fusion of traditional methods, skills and modern tools to make wooden furniture of exceptional beauty and class of its own.

The heritage of textures and art

Sheesham’s wood furniture has natural beauty and amazing texture. The color of Sesham wood varies from golden to reddish brown. The natural wood marks along with the visible dark streaks and patterns make Sheesham wood furniture unmatched and par excellence.

Online furniture stores such as CraFtattoo now present a spectacular line of wooden furniture from Sesham to celebrate the incredible texture, style and flexibility of Sesham.

Handling beyond comparison

Sheesham is one of the most flexible and easy to work types of wood. It allows great flexibility for craftsmen. Crafting fine details, carving shapes, patterns and patterns on this wood is relatively easier than other types of wood.

The ‘Indian City of Wood Carving’ Sharanpur makes extensive use of Sheesham to create stunning and fascinating wooden furniture that speaks volumes about Indian culture and heritage. The woodcarvers of Saharanpur use Sesham wood to create intriguing designs. The softness of Sesham’s wood makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of furniture types, especially wooden beds.

The tough and seductive Sesham furniture

The intersecting grains of Sesham wood add more toughness and endurance to furniture. Sesham wood is made from Indian rosewood. This wood is incredibly strong, durable and resistant to wood termites.

The amazing texture and feel of Sesham wood prevents it from splitting or twisting. Sesham wood is one of the primary choices for making wood cabinets, beds, and other furniture. Craftatoz is a one of a kind online furniture store with over 50 varieties of Sheesham wood furniture in India.

Captivating wooden objects and designed by designers

Sheesham’s wood furniture is one of the best woods for making fascinating and high-end furniture. Durability, easy-care solutions, and resistance to termites and natural rot give it a classic edge. Sesham wood furniture is one of the most durable and cost effective furniture options compared to other wood options like solid wood and teak wood. Sesham’s wooden furniture does not require a lot of maintenance.

They are less bulky and go well with all types of interiors. Sheesham wood furniture gives an antique and artistic touch to your space and enhances the beauty of your decor. Sesham’s wood furniture is well suited to a modern townhouse as well as conventionally designed interiors.

Sesham’s wood furniture amplifies the overall look of your room and gives it a creative edge. Creativity, artistic feel, and regal appearance make Sesham wood one of the most popular choices for interior designers and homeowners.

Custom design variations

Sheesham wood furniture is custom made and can be custom made to meet various design requirements. This wood allows craftsmen great elasticity and allows them to manufacture designer and premium wood furniture. Sesham wood is customizable and can be used to create unique furniture.

If you are looking for unique furniture for your interiors, you must consider Sheesham Wood Furniture for elegant, straight cut and designer furniture. Sesham wooden furniture can effortlessly integrate various elements of your room and define the meticulous symphony that complements your space and makes it appear elite.

A finish that matches your aspirations

Sheesham wood is a flexible, regal and creative alternative for exclusive furniture needs. Being flexible to various finishes, Sheesham wood is rightly enough for the demand of wooden furniture. The smooth finish, natural sheen and luster of this wood make it ideal for a range of furniture categories. Whether it is bedroom furniture, living room furniture or storage cabinets.

Sheesham wood furniture adds more elegance, class, grace and grandeur to your space without any effort. The SheeshamWood allows you to enhance the style quotient of your space and make it look spectacular. Investing in top quality Sesham wood furniture is worth it.

Posted on May 5, 2021


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